Family owned and operated since 1952, H.C. Handy Construction was started in Arlington, VA by Howard Handy.  Sons David and Doug joined their father’s company in the early 80s and continue to represent the founding principles and expand the business in the DC Metropolitan area. Projects range from new base buildings, extensive renovations, and a large sampling of interior projects.

The purpose of construction is not just to build something, it is to provide construction services to an owner or a tenant in a manner comfortable to them and satisfying to the design team.  We are all party to the process of creating something from nothing.  It is an engaging and meaningful process, and we take special pride in the craftsmanship and problem solving solutions we and our subcontracting team bring to every project

We focus on:


Our experience in coordinating design, field logistics, and design team communication have brought us our best results.  When we focus on those elements everything comes together.  Construction is a team effort and our years of experience make a difference when we guarantee a delivery date.  We know what it takes to create a successful construction experience.


Our father went into the building business because the satisfaction of a job well done cannot be replaced.  He passed this work ethic and passion down to us, and we are proud to have our name on every project we have been involved with. Rest assured knowing that we will do it right, so that you can be proud too. Peace of mind across of levels of building and remodeling is our guarantee.  We focus on the details so that you don’t have to.


Our company fosters an appreciation for community, unparalleled service and superior quality. We value our design team partners and clients.  In our father’s day, this was a handshake town.  Our aim is to make it that way again.  We stand behind our work, as well as our relationships.  Trust our reputation and expertise, two generations strong.